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These are not your typical football tickets! 

By sitting exactly in the middle of the end zone, one gets a fantastic view of how the teams spread out on the field; how the holes open up; and how the defenses work coverages.  This really is a true football fans vantage point!  And, row 60 is high enough that you can see the north end of the field well (Binoculars are a plus).  The camaraderie of the end zone fans is great, and ‘Dan the beer man’ (probably not his real name) visits often.

Hear John Madden comment on the end zone view:  [short clip]   [long clip]    (August 29, 2007 - KCBS)

And, seat 29 is on the aisle - so if you are buying seats 28 & 29 - or all 4 seats - your party is on the aisle!

Selected AV from these seats (click the pictures)

Jan 4, 2004       Packers 33 - Seahawks 27

movie: flyover from Jan 4, 2004 (29 MB)




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