Information about Halloween LED Lights


3 colors available:
Bloody Pumpkin Orange
(~612 nm wavelength)
Ghoulish Green
(~520 nm wavelength)
Straw Yellow
(really amber colored   ~595 nm wavelength)


Each string is
  • ~30 feet long (10 meters)
  • 100 LEDs
  • 120V - direct plug in to an outlet
  • 3 Watts (vs 30 Watts for 100 traditional mini bulbs)
  • Light string is not fused
  • 4 groups of LEDs interleaved to make patterns (on strings with controllers)
  • LEDs are wide dispersion pattern (~180 degrees) - means you can see them from all sides
  • Controller housings are mis-labeled, but these work fine in the US



for 2008, I have these types of lights:
Color With Controller No Controller

(all bulbs on all time)

Bloody Pumpkin Orange
Ghoulish Green r
Straw Yellow r   

Some string close-ups:
single LED "bulb"   Plug for 120V
Controller Housing - Front
note the 8 LED control functions available
  Controller Housing - Back
These units are mis-labeled!  Should read:  120V, 60 Hz, 0.025A
If they don't work in the US for anybody, I'll pay to have them shipped back to me!



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