1987 BMW 325i

A good car in need of some TLC


This has been a great, fun car for me for over 10 years, but I now have too many vehicles and it is time to part with this one.

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What's still good

Body has no dings and has never been in an accident

no fundamental problems with engine - uses oil, but in range for this car and age

Tires in good shape

New hoses in 2006


What could be improved

Interior is very worn (although I have seen folks driving worse) - needs new seat covers, carpet and a couple of trim parts

Needs a new top - unless one were to garage it in the winter and only drive in the summer

Stereo works, but is very old and is on it's last legs - biggest problem is that the contacts at the back (it's a removable one) are worn thru in some places, so some speakers pop in and out.  All the speakers are in good shape, however - it's just the stereo/amp that needs replacing

power steering has leaks and needs fixing - or, drives fine with no fluid, just gives the arms a better workout

Driver's side rear quarter panel is starting to fade - can be buffed out, but might need repainting soon

Took it into BMW of Mountain View last year - they said some of the engine gaskets could also be replaced


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